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GG_ID: GitGuardian's internal vulnerability ID

Severity: Represents the criticality of this policy breach. One of HIGH or CRITICAL.

Complexity: Represents the complexity of exploiting the vulnerability. One of LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH.

Categories: Category of vulnerability. One or several of NETWORK, SECRET, PERMISSION, DATA or OTHER.

Providers: Name of cloud provider. One or several of AWS, GCP, AZURE and DO.

Potential data exposure: Indicates the possibility of a data leak due to the vulnerability.

Visible in logs: Indicates if an exploit of the vulnerability can be seen in the logs.

User interaction required: Indicates if exploiting the vulnerability requires an interaction from a legitimate user of the service.

Privileges required: Indicates if specific privileges are necessary to exploit the vulnerability.

Description: Description of the vulnerability.

Impact: Lists the potential technical impacts of the vulnerability.

Remediation guidelines: Describes the steps to follow for vulnerability remediation.

External documentation: List of external links for added details.