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Assess your repositories' health

How do I launch a historical scan of my repositories?#

Now that you have integrated your first repositories, it's time to check if they contain any secrets or security policy breaks! GitGuardian gives you the ability to scan the entire commit history, across all branches, of your repositories in order to check if they are safe.

Now simply go to the Perimeter view and launch your first historical scan!

perimeter historical scanning

How do I read the results of my scan?#

The Perimeter view contains a table listing the sources of your monitored perimeter.

After running your first historical scan, GitGuardian will update the Health status of each repository, it will be set to AT RISK if a repository contains at least one hardcoded secret or SAFE if it doesn't contain any. The total number of unique secrets found will also be displayed in the Secret incidents column.

If your repositories contain any hardcoded secrets, click on the Open secrets incidents link. It will take you to the Incidents view and display all the secrets incidents found in a particular source.