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Welcome to the documentation for GitGuardian Internal Monitoring, the leading platform for automated secrets detection and remediation. Our platform enables Dev, Sec, and Ops to advance together towards a more secure software development lifecycle.

If you are brand new to GitGuardian Internal Monitoring and still need to create an account, then we recommend going through our Getting Started and Core Concept sections. It is also a good idea to familarize yourself with our Glossary.

If you are looking for documentation on managing Users or Teams, then visit the Collaboration and Sharing section.

If you are looking for documentation on the GitGuardian CLI application, ggshield, visit the CLI reference. The GitGuardian REST API also has its own reference documentation.

If you are interested in installing GitGuardian Internal Monitoring on-premises, read the self-hosting guide.

If you need help, visit the support section.

Getting started#

Core concepts#

Using GitGuardian#

Secrets detection for developers#

Collaboration and sharing#

The GitGuardian suite#