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Welcome to GitGuardian Internal Repositories Monitoring solution!

Explore our documentation in order to integrate GitGuardian and automate secrets detection on your repositories.

Getting started#

Get a tour of your GitGuardian dashboard and its different sections.


GitGuardian raises incidents. Learn how to prioritize them and how to perform their complete remediation.


Understand how GitGuardian helps you gain an overview of your security posture regarding secrets and ensure complete protection of your perimeter.


An overview of your security posture over time.


A complete guide on how to integrate your VCS (Version Control System) with GitGuardian.


Receive GitGuardian alerts in your favorite notifications tool.


Configure and manage your GitGuardian journey and make your workspace a great place of work collaboration.


Customize your personal information.


GitGuardian exposes its secrets detection engine and your workspace data via the API, learn how to use it.

GitGuardian CLI: ggshield#

Shift left by using our CLI application ggshield at each stage of your SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle).

Development & SDKs#

Explore our API wrappers in order to build your own integrations (Python wrapper).

Data management#

Privacy matters. Find out how GitGuardian manages your data.

Self-hosting GitGuardian#

A complete guide on how GitGuardian can be deployed on your own infrastructure.