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Circle CI


GitGuardian CI/CD integration with Circle CI is performed through our CLI application gg-shield. gg-shield is a wrapper around GitGuardian API for secrets detection that requires an API key to work.

Circle CI is supported in gg-shield through gg-shield-orb.


Circle CI output


  1. Create an API key within the API section of your GitGuardian workspace.
  2. Add this API key to the GITGUARDIAN_API_KEY environment variable in your project settings.
  3. In order to add gg-shield to your pipelines configure your .circleci/config.yml add the gg-shield orb:
orbs:  gg-shield: gitguardian/ggshield
workflows:  main:    jobs:      - gg-shield/scan:          name: gg-shield-scan # best practice is to name each orb job          base_revision: << pipeline.git.base_revision >>          revision: <<pipeline.git.revision>>