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Jenkins CI


GitGuardian CI/CD integration with Jenkins CI is performed through our CLI application gg-shield. gg-shield is a wrapper around GitGuardian API for secrets detection that requires an API key to work.


Jenkins CI status

Jenkins CI output


  1. Create an API key within the API section of your GitGuardian workspace.
  2. Add this API key to the GITGUARDIAN_API_KEY environment variable in your project settings.

Bitbucket pipelines env

  1. In order to add gg-shield to your pipelines configure your Jenkinsfile to add a gg-shield stage:
pipeline {    agent none    stages {        stage('GitGuardian Scan') {            agent {                docker { image 'gitguardian/ggshield:latest' }            }            environment {                GITGUARDIAN_API_KEY = credentials('gitguardian-api-key')            }            steps {                sh 'ggshield scan ci'            }        }    }}