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GitGuardian specializes in detecting secrets within source code, yet we also plan to expand to monitoring other sources such as messaging systems, project management boards, wikis, etc.

VCS integrations: monitor your VCS#

GitGuardian integrates with the most common VCSs (Version Control Systems). Once the integration with your VCS is set up, the solution will provide real time monitoring and allow you to scan your historical data for secrets.

GitGuardian currently supports:

If you have the required rights for GitGuardian (Owner or Manager rights) and on the VCS you would like to integrate with, the setup will take you less than 5 minutes.

CI/CD integrations: secrets detection in your CI/CD workflow.#

GitGuardian integrates with the most common CI tools via our CLI application ggshield.

GitGuardian currently supports:

Git hooks: prevent secrets from reaching your VCS.#

GitGuardian's CLI application, ggshield enables you to integrate secrets detection in git workflow and shift left your security.

GitGuardian currently supports the following hooks:


GitGuardian's CLI application, ggshield enables you to scan Docker images.

Monitoring other sources#

If GitGuardian does not yet support one of the sources you would like to monitor, you can build your own integration by leveraging our public API for secrets detection.

Keep in mind that we will progressively enable you to monitor a wide variety of sources.

Alerting integrations#

If you are looking for alerting integrations, please refer to the Notifications section of our documentation.

Troubleshooting connectivity problems#

Most often, connection problems occur because a firewall, proxy server, corporate network, or other network is configured in a way that blocks GitGuardian.

In case you have to authorize incoming/outgoing connections to/from the SAAS application, here is the main information you need to know.

Allowing GitGuardian's IP addresses#

GitGuardian serves the application from the following IP addresses:


These IP addresses are used for:

  • VCS integrations
  • Alerting integration (eg: Slack)

Allowing GitGuardian's domains#

The following domains are used to expose the application:


Note: HTTP is only used to redirect to HTTPS