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Email alerting

GitGuardian sends an email to all members of the affected workspace anytime it detects an incident. To prevent alert fatigue, only one email is sent for multiple occurrences of the same incident.

Email alerts#

Email alerts include:

  • Details of the incident (secret detector, repository and commit involved)
  • Date of the incident
  • A link to view the offending file directly on the source
  • A link to the incident in the GitGuardian dashboard

You can configure your email alerts in your personal settings. Read our dedicated documentation on email preferences.


I just received an alert email on which I did not install GitGuardian. Why did this happen?

Public Alerts are another type of GitGuardian alert that you may encounter. They originate from our pro-bono public alerting service, which is not related to this application.

When GitGuardian detects a secret on a public GitHub repository, it alerts the developer responsible for the incident through their commit email.

If you have received an alert email, please see our remediation guide for leaks on public GitHub.