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In order to get GitGuardian incidents sent to Jira, you'll need to install our Jira integration on your GitGuardian workspace.


  • Connect as many Jira sites as you want and choose which projects needs to be installed in GitGuardian,
  • Manually create tickets in Jira from an incident page or the incident list,
  • Get a real time notification in the Jira ticket (via a comment) when a new occurrence from this incident is detected. Up to 10 occurrences for the same incident,
  • A comment is added in the Jira ticket when a change (Assign, Unassign, Priority update, New comment, Status change) is done on GitGuardian site.

The GitGuardian Jira integration doesn't automatically create a ticket in Jira when an incident is detected. At this stage, we let you choose which incident needs to be pushed to Jira. But this automation is on our roadmap.


  • The Jira integration uses the Jira OAuth, also you need to install each site with an Admin account,
  • Jira On-Premise being deprecated in early 2024, GitGuardian integration only works with Jira Cloud sites.

Integration walkthrough#

In the Integration section, find the Jira tile and click :


Click :


You're redirected to the Jira OAuth page. Select the site you want to install and click . Note that you need enough permission with your account in order to install the site and be able to create tickets.


Click on . and select the Jira project(s) you want to make available in GitGuardian.


Installation is done. You can now create tickets from your list of incidents via the quick action on the right of the list or directly in the incident page. You just have to select the targeted project. The integration will automatically populate the title and description, but you can edit them as you like. The type, priority and assignee list of based on the selected project.


How to uninstall#

  1. Navigate to the integration page Settings > Integrations > Jira,
  2. Click on the Delete button on the top right of the Site configuration panel,
  3. You'll be asked to remove the GitGuardian application in your Jira site's profil - a link is provided. This is mandatory in order to properly remove the integration,


  1. Click for the GitGuardian App in the Apps with access to your accounts section,
  2. Get back to GitGuardian and click Yes. It's over!