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Your perimeter page provides you with the breakdown of your secret incidents by source, hence giving you a precise overview of your perimeter and helping you quickly identify what sources (GitHub repositories, GitLab projects) require your immediate attention.

Health status#

GitGuardian establishes a health status for every source of your perimeter, should it be a GitHub repository or a GitLab project:

  • at risk: source contains open secret incidents (triggered or assigned secret incidents).

    Such secret incidents can come from real-time monitoring or from a historical scan. When just starting with GitGuardian, a historical scan might uncover numerous secret incidents for a given source. As you progressively remediate them, such incidents will no longer show up in subsequent historical scans; only real-time incidents would remain.

  • unknown: source does not contain open secret incidents but the git history of the source has never been scanned. See our protection section to dive deeper into historical scan capabilities.

  • safe: source is fully protected (real-time monitoring is enabled and a historical scan has been conducted). It does not contain any open secret incidents.

open and closed secrets incidents

By default, your list of sources is always filtered by sources "at risk" or "unknown", since "safe" sources do not require immediate attention.

Open and closed secrets incidents#

For each source, GitGuardian provides the number of open secret incidents and the number of closed secret incidents.

Sources with open secrets incidents will be marked "at risk". Clicking on XX open secret incidents will redirect you to the secret incidents table in the Incidents section of your dashboard, filtered down to the selected source and with the time window set at "All time".

GitGuardian also indicates the number of closed secret incidents for each source since this is important information to help you understand which sources are most prone to secrets being leaked.

open and closed secrets incidents