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External Dependencies

To deploy instances of GitGuardian on-premises, some external software components and network accesses are required.

KOTS / Replicated#

Replicated ( is a third-party service that provides a management tool for our on-premise installations. During the installation, the KOTS ( add-on is configured to manage the GitGuardian application. KOTS is open-source, Apache 2 licensed software developed by Replicated.

An overview of Replicated's security posture can be found at:


For an existing cluster, Kots can be installed as a plugin for kubectl with this command:

curl | bash

Then, you can run the install command for GitGuardian shown here.


To check Kots plugin version, run the following command:

kubectl kots version

If there is an update available, follow the instructions and run this command:

curl | bash

Then, you will need to upgrade the kots application running in the cluster:

kubectl kots admin-console upgrade -n <namespace>

External access#

The following domains can be needed:


A list of IP addresses for this is maintained by Replicated:


If you use an embedded Kubernetes cluster, you will use kURL ( kURL is a Kubernetes installer that installs Kubernetes and some other Kubernetes components. kURL is an open-source, Apache 2 licensed software developed by Replicated.


To install a cluster and its components with kURL, use the command shown here.

To upgrade kubernetes and its components, you just need to run the same command.