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Manage GitGuardian application

TLS Certificates#

Admin console#

To upload new certificates for the admin console, follow these instructions.

Short version:

kubectl -n default annotate secret kotsadm-tls acceptAnonymousUploads=1# Get pods namekubectl get pods -A | grep kurl-proxy | awk '{print $2}'kubectl delete pods PROXY_SERVER


You can upload new certificates by replacing the uploaded files. Save your configuration and redeploy when prompted to.


Preflight commands are ran before every update. These commands are here to ensure the cluster has the resources needed.

A diagnosis tool is also available on the admin console. With it, you can generate a support bundle that can identify common issues. You can also send it to GitGuardian to be analyzed. Sensitive information can be automatically redacted.

Once the analysis is done, you will have an overview of the analysis and you can browse the file contained in the bundle.