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Registration and personal settings


As a user, you can register to GitGuardian in different ways:

  • via email / password registration. We would send you a confirmation email in order to verify your email address.
  • via GitHub SSO. GitGuardian natively allows you to sign up with your account.
  • via custom SAML SSO (Google, Okta, ...). You might be brought to GitGuardian via an invitation on a workspace that has SSO authentication set up. In such case, you would register through the set IdP.

Personal settings#

Change your first and last name#

If you sign up via email / password, GitGuardian would have asked you to submit your first and last names upon registration.

If you have signed up through GitHub, GitGuardian infers your first and last name from the name indicated on GitHub. But if a name is not indicated on GitHub, GitGuardian will consider your GitHub login as your first name. In such cases, we recommend that you change your first and last name in order to facilitate collaboration with other members of your workspace.

To change your first name and last name:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Personal > Account
  2. Enter a new First name and Last name
  3. Submit the form

Change your email address#

We currently do not support email address modification. Therefore, if you want to use another email address on GitGuardian, you would need to create another workspace.

Change your GitHub login#

If you registered to GitGuardian using GitHub, your GitHub login will be visible in the Settings page. Since your GitGuardian and GitHub identities are intertwined, we do not allow you to edit your GitHub login within GitGuardian.