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  1. Configure an Authentication Source for Single Sign-On in the Duo Dashboard. Ensure that FirstName and LastName are provided as attributes as described in the Duo documentation.

  2. From the "Applications" tab, click on "Protect an Application", and choose to protect a "Generic Service Provider" with "2FA with SSO hosted by Duo (Single Sign-On)"

duo create app

  1. Map the following from the Duo Generic Service Provider values into the GitGuardian dashboard:
Duo valuesGitGuardian configuration
Entity IDEntity ID
Single Sign-On URLSingle Sign On URL
Certificate contentsX509 Cert
  1. Map the following from the GitGuardian dashboard into the Duo Generic Service Provider configuration:
Duo Service Provider configurationGitGuardian values
Service Provider Entity IDSP Entity id
Assertion Consumer ServiceACS URL
  1. In the SAML Response section, add the following mapping in "Map attributes"
IdP AttributeSAML Response Attribute
First Namefirst_name
Last Namelast_name

duo attribute mapping

  1. Give the Service Provider configuration a recognizable name, such as "GitGuardian".

  2. Save.