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Configure real-time alerting and notifications for your perimeter

GitGuardian’s real-time monitoring allows alerts to be sent immediately when an incident is detected.

Events and notification preferences

Configuring a notifier from your GitGuardian workspace allows you to push incident alerts to the channel of your choice (e.g Slack, PagerDuty...). These alerts will contain details about the incident such as the triggered detector and location (org and repository) without revealing the secrets detected or any other sensitive data, avoiding any further contribution to sprawling of secrets.

You can configure the notifier's frequency to send you alerts either for the first occurrence only and in case of regression or for all occurrences. We recommend the first option if you prefer having fewer alerts related to the same incident show up in your notification channels. If you don't want to miss anything, toggle the second option instead.

Selecting your notification frequency

Available integrations

By default, GitGuardian will notify dashboard users via email for every incident. You can read more about email alerting here. You can also choose to integrate with other notification channels, GitGuardian currently supports:

  • Custom webhooks
    Custom services can be written to listen in on GitGuardian's detection engine and programmatically treat detected incidents.

  • PagerDuty
    Send incidents as PagerDuty event notifications with the PagerDuty Integration.

  • Splunk
    Treat incidents as data with the Splunk Integration.

  • Slack
    The Slack integration allows you to be notified on your team's workspace in a channel of your choice.

  • Discord
    The Discord integration allows you to be notified on your team's discord server of your choice.

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