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PubNub Publish and Subscription Keys



  • Documentation:
  • Summary: PubNub is a real time communication platform. This detector aims at catching a pair of publish and subscription keys.
  • IPs allowlist: This feature is not currently available.
  • Scopes: Subscription key allows servers to connect to a channel and receive new messages. Publish key can only be used in conjunction with a subscription key to publish messages.

Revoke the secret#

This can be done in the PubNub dashboard.

Check for suspicious activity#

Usage of publish and subscription keys can be inspected in the PubNub dashboard.

Details for Pubnub publish subscription keys#

  • Family: Api

  • Category: Messaging system

  • Company: PubNub

  • High recall: True

  • Validity check available: True

  • On-premise instances exist: True

  • Only valid secrets raise an alert: False

  • Minimum number of matches: 2

  • Occurrences found for one million commits: 1.34

  • Prefixed: True

  • PreValidators:

- type: ContentWhitelistPreValidator  patterns:  - pub-c-  - sub-c-


- text: |    PUB_KEY = 'pub-c-v6ardkkg-5i4c-2fv7-2vrz-o4xq43qmvxmg'    SUB_KEY = 'sub-c-kkwkzthy-s37k-d0og-m0xo-slorvcrn4lpp'
  pub_key: pub-c-v6ardkkg-5i4c-2fv7-2vrz-o4xq43qmvxmg  sub_key: sub-c-kkwkzthy-s37k-d0og-m0xo-slorvcrn4lpp
- text: "PNConfiguration *configuration = [PNConfiguration configurationWithPublishKey:@'pub-c-u9zv1dmd-l8k8-80vl-93b9-oyys8jh6zjjd' subscribeKey:@'sub-c-ipcrqny0-fjna-xuwq-hq9s-9fl8z9y0oss6'];"  pub_key: pub-c-u9zv1dmd-l8k8-80vl-93b9-oyys8jh6zjjd  sub_key: sub-c-ipcrqny0-fjna-xuwq-hq9s-9fl8z9y0oss6