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Tencent Cloud Keys



  • Documentation:
  • Summary: The TecentCloud API enables to operate Tencent Cloud products. To make calls to the API, a client ID and a client secret are needed.
  • IPs allowlist: As of the time of writing this documentation, this feature is not yet supported.
  • Scopes: Yes.

Revoke the secret#

Credentials can be revoked from the console in the "Cloud API Key" section.

Check for suspicious activity#


Details for Tencent cloud keys#

  • Family: Api

  • Category: Cloud Provider

  • Company: Tencent Cloud

  • High recall: False

  • Validity check available: True

  • On-premise instances exist: False

  • Only valid secrets raise an alert: True

  • Minimum number of matches: 2

  • Occurrences found for one million commits: 3.81

  • Prefixed: False

  • PreValidators:

- type: FilenameBanlistPreValidator  banlist_extensions:  - ^lock$  - ^storyboard(c|er)?~?$  - ^xib$  banlist_filenames: []  check_binaries: false  include_default_banlist_extensions: false  ban_markup: false- type: ContentWhitelistPreValidator  patterns:  - tencent


- text: tencent_secret_id => 'AKIDzODdB1nOELz0T8CEjTEkgKJOob3t2Tos', tencent_secret_key => '6aHHkz236LOYu0nRuBwn5PwT0x3km7LE'  client_id: AKIDzODdB1nOELz0T8CEjTEkgKJOob3t2Tos  client_secret: 6aHHkz236LOYu0nRuBwn5PwT0x3km7LE