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Twitter Access Keys



  • Documentation:
  • Summary: Twitter is a social network on which user post and interact with messages known as "tweets". Twitter exposes an API to programmatically interact with the platform. To access the API, the developer must apply for a developer account and generate a set of client_id and client_secret from its developer dashboard. This set of credentials must be passed with each request. This detector focuses on catching these credentials. Alongside application credentials, user access tokens are frequently found. They are a second set of credentials granting access to a Twitter user account. They can be used to send tweets or direct messages in the name of this user.
  • IPs allowlist: To the best of our knowledge, this feature is currently not supported.
  • Scopes: Each Twitter developer App has its own set of access permissions : read, read/write, read/write/direct messages.

Revoke the secret#

Each App's credentials can be managed from the developer's dashboard.

Check for suspicious activity#

Some usage metrics are displayed on the home page of the developer's dashboard. They could be used to detect suspicious activities. If user access tokens accompany the application credentials, the related account should be reviewed.

Details for Twitter tokens#

  • Family: Api

  • Category: Social network

  • Company: Twitter

  • High recall: False

  • Validity check available: True

  • On-premise instances exist: False

  • Only valid secrets raise an alert: True

  • Minimum number of matches: 2

  • Occurrences found for one million commits: 32.66

  • Prefixed: False

  • PreValidators:

- type: FilenameBanlistPreValidator  banlist_extensions: []  banlist_filenames: []  check_binaries: false  include_default_banlist_extensions: true- type: ContentWhitelistPreValidator  patterns:  - secret- type: ContentWhitelistPreValidator  patterns:  - consumer  - twitter- type: ContentWhitelistPreValidator  patterns:  - key


- text: >    from tweepy.streaming import StreamListener
    consumer_key = 'qgmlPcoo2F3Ws6LWJLmuTgOVa'    consumer_secret = 'sME0sSMXOXHO3qG06tEwSyejzvlYlvLzx1ynKRBqGjbuYRIPZa'
  client_id: qgmlPcoo2F3Ws6LWJLmuTgOVa  client_secret: sME0sSMXOXHO3qG06tEwSyejzvlYlvLzx1ynKRBqGjbuYRIPZa
- text: >    // Your Twitter App Consumer Key     private $consumer_key = 'B3khhhiCGZl2tPnNcwBA';
     // Your Twitter App Consumer Secret     private $consumer_secret = '5bDnGvuoR62Lv5VtVdZmRASE3n4SpvdnxiT45CXKvH';
  client_id: B3khhhiCGZl2tPnNcwBA  client_secret: 5bDnGvuoR62Lv5VtVdZmRASE3n4SpvdnxiT45CXKvH
- text: >    // Twitter creds    consumer_api_key = '6TKONeTEZTLo9QWcUohTf6rhv'    consumer_api_secret = 'LG4y1E2aexUNql425UcQ6ZEvoyHk1ZGKzHkhLofMV7qZhhGuRm'
  client_id: 6TKONeTEZTLo9QWcUohTf6rhv  client_secret: LG4y1E2aexUNql425UcQ6ZEvoyHk1ZGKzHkhLofMV7qZhhGuRm
- text: >    consumer_key = 'NciwXkL6Mn0Qc40NUCLO0UK5n'    consumer_key_secret = 'UVfL5LybAVJmhi8r4rFF7qKLcjfm0Hj8QdCAQSWOeChstJpWnK'
  client_id: NciwXkL6Mn0Qc40NUCLO0UK5n  client_secret: UVfL5LybAVJmhi8r4rFF7qKLcjfm0Hj8QdCAQSWOeChstJpWnK
- text: >    twitter_consumer_key: PzODTWGMm9WbVipndYPFVlrF3    twitter_consumer_secret: k6TUVIzdCEnPYrfEYPeazMmHLOp5bInKft9SRxwO7rUX3bXrs9
  client_id: PzODTWGMm9WbVipndYPFVlrF3  client_secret: k6TUVIzdCEnPYrfEYPeazMmHLOp5bInKft9SRxwO7rUX3bXrs9
- text: >    SOCIAL_AUTH_TWITTER_KEY = 'Zt4NxBbZuNYON111Wbsgy1RAp'    SOCIAL_AUTH_TWITTER_SECRET = 'FPO5PfZLLLLxce55ubI1a5pcFEam9999z7bG8GCa8aXXnmbjgQ'
  client_id: Zt4NxBbZuNYON111Wbsgy1RAp  client_secret: FPO5PfZLLLLxce55ubI1a5pcFEam9999z7bG8GCa8aXXnmbjgQ
- text: >    var twitter_application_consumer_key = 'GBcpYu4bs6aYyAHskronTMpsu';  // API Key    var twitter_application_secret = 'JNUbeTP2iP31qzFdfM4tUDvieSSopxyDRw35CWrfpiQDYwTTXV';  // API Secret
  client_id: GBcpYu4bs6aYyAHskronTMpsu  client_secret: JNUbeTP2iP31qzFdfM4tUDvieSSopxyDRw35CWrfpiQDYwTTXV
- text: >    "consumer_key = \"k0bMQjP8ChDxhVyT5XyYUJdIE\"\n",    "consumer_secret = \"HczZWqoHIDn0Y7aBMAIsN8pHT93quwu2y5g9n5f9R8GxrtoIt4\"\n",
  client_id: k0bMQjP8ChDxhVyT5XyYUJdIE  client_secret: HczZWqoHIDn0Y7aBMAIsN8pHT93quwu2y5g9n5f9R8GxrtoIt4
- text: >    'consumerKey'       : 'EqjtdUeioUB9a2w9E0AN1jH0v',    'consumerSecret'    : 'eravWvAwtyNkwSEeVKU5V9N8bxthyTK8Cf9kO43zdd7tcfErCz',
  client_id: EqjtdUeioUB9a2w9E0AN1jH0v  client_secret: eravWvAwtyNkwSEeVKU5V9N8bxthyTK8Cf9kO43zdd7tcfErCz
- text: >    protected static String consumerKey;// = "qib1QsiJfYwxpPKg3L91F9KEV";    protected static String consumerSecret;// = "tMXnB2zA7u24eGUBCN1PmaE2U0HTcZCE4I6EywJha2kmrYqv3K";
  client_id: qib1QsiJfYwxpPKg3L91F9KEV  client_secret: tMXnB2zA7u24eGUBCN1PmaE2U0HTcZCE4I6EywJha2kmrYqv3K
- text: >    <string name="twitter_consumer_key" translatable="false">Jx68cnKTtJqaiddkDMw93iXzr</string>    <string name="twitter_consumer_secret" translatable="false">bZZLPsgd2saqOpKGggp4imOwDbfRWkVF59F5V2Kk84fzcCAlMx</string>
  client_id: Jx68cnKTtJqaiddkDMw93iXzr  client_secret: bZZLPsgd2saqOpKGggp4imOwDbfRWkVF59F5V2Kk84fzcCAlMx
- text: >    -Consumer Key (API Key) wlkdDebpVpSzXe9T28fzbzyGg    -Consumer Secret (API Secret)   DfwVXEVCH6Vi4hI7gfVH2MKMm3UrM0F5n0X7r8CVMQvqDUe82r
  client_id: wlkdDebpVpSzXe9T28fzbzyGg  client_secret: DfwVXEVCH6Vi4hI7gfVH2MKMm3UrM0F5n0X7r8CVMQvqDUe82r
- text: >    #Twitter Production    #TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY = 'BvWr1TT7VdI9bVHORk0A0Z4dV'    #TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET = 'rfOt4u5m21ktdkq5bFvHkov36og0v9CcI26vjhcJuho6dFus5g'
  client_id: BvWr1TT7VdI9bVHORk0A0Z4dV  client_secret: rfOt4u5m21ktdkq5bFvHkov36og0v9CcI26vjhcJuho6dFus5g