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The GitGuardian API gives you full creative control to manage your dashboard data and also to use GitGuardian secrets detection engine, whether through ggshield or in a custom way. All API calls need to be authenticated.

Use cases

  • Export your incidents to build custom reports.
  • Manage your incidents programmatically.
  • Perform your users and teams management programmatically.
  • Plug GitGuardian easily into your existing services.
  • Build your own integration for secrets detection.
  • You want to use ggshield to shift left.


  • The GitGuardian API is versioned.
  • All requests to the GitGuardian API must be authenticated.
  • The GitGuardian API enforces rate limits on all requests.


  • Only secret incidents are available through the API.

Start to use the API by creating your API key ->

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