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Self-hosting GitGuardian

Organizations with advanced security and compliance needs can choose to install GitGuardian Internal Repositories Monitoring on their machines. These can be completely self-hosted or provided by a private cloud service.

This section helps you to install and manage your self-hosted version of GitGuardian.

Self-hosted glossary#

The GitGuardian product includes the following main features in the self-hosted version:

  • Admin Area: The Admin Area is the interface where you can configure the application's preferences, activate features and check your version. You can find more information on how to use it in the Application management section.
  • Admin Console: The Admin Console is the interface where application administrators can configure, update, manage, backup, restore, and troubleshoot the application. You can find more information on how to use it in the Infrastructure management section.

Both Admin Area and Admin Console are deployed when you install the application.


GitGuardian is using Replicated to deliver the application to self-hosted environments. Before installing the application, you'll have to choose between two installation types: Embedded and Existing Cluster. You can refer to our decision guide if you have any doubts about the decision.

External components installation#

Some external third-party components are installed during the deployment of GitGuardian self-hosted instances:

KOTS / Replicated#

Replicated is a service that provides a management tool for our self-hosted environments. During the installation, the KOTS add-on is configured to manage the GitGuardian application. KOTS is open-source, Apache 2 licensed software developed by Replicated.

An overview of Replicated's security posture can be found at:


If you use an embedded Kubernetes cluster, you will use kURL. kURL is a Kubernetes installer that installs Kubernetes and some other Kubernetes components. kURL is an open-source, Apache 2 licensed software developed by Replicated.