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Welcome to GitGuardian [Documentation]

Here you can access the complete documentation for GitGuardian Internal Monitoring – the end-to-end secrets detection and remediation platform.

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GitGuardian Internal Monitoring

Automate secrets detection and remediation in one platform and reduce the risks of secrets exposure in the Software Development Lifecycle.

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GitGuardian Shield CLI reference – ggshield

Shift security left with ggshield, the GitGuardian CLI for developers.

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Honeytoken [beta]

Generate honeytokens at scale, monitor for unauthorized use, and boost your SDLC security against supply chain attacks.

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Infrastructure as Code Security

Protect your organization’s infrastructure at the source.

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GitGuardian API

Use the public GitGuardian API to manage your workspace and incidents programmatically.

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Deploy self-hosted GitGuardian

Follow this guide to self-host GitGuardian Internal Monitoring in your own environment.

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Explore our secrets detection engine

Understand how we detect secrets (200+ API providers, database connection strings, usernames and passwords...) with the best coverage and low number of false positives.

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GitGuardian is a cybersecurity company which specializes in GitHub intelligence and automated secrets detection.
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