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Account settings

Change your first and last name

If you sign up via email / password, GitGuardian would have asked you to submit your first and last names upon registration.

If you have signed up through GitHub, GitGuardian infers your first and last name from the name indicated on GitHub. But if a name is not indicated on GitHub, GitGuardian will consider your GitHub login as your first name. In such cases, we recommend that you change your first and last name in order to facilitate collaboration with other members of your workspace.

To change your first name and last name:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Personal > Account
  2. Enter a new First name and Last name
  3. Submit the form

Change your email address

We currently do not support email address modification. If you want to use another email address on GitGuardian, you would need to create another workspace.

Change your GitHub login

If you registered to GitGuardian using GitHub, your GitHub login will be visible in the Settings page. Since your GitGuardian and GitHub identities are intertwined, we do not allow you to edit your GitHub login within GitGuardian.

Change your password

  1. Navigate to Settings > Personal > Security
  2. Enter your current password in the Current password field.
  3. Enter your desired new password twice, once in the New password field and once in the Password confirmation field.
  4. Submit the form

Current password policy:

  • your password must be at least 12 characters long
  • your password must contain at least 1 letter, 1 numeric character and 1 special character

I signed up through SSO and, now I don't have any password.

Whenever you register through SSO, GitGuardian lets the IdP handle the authentication, therefore you don't need a password. However, we do let you configure a password if you want. This password will be associated with the email address you are using on GitGuardian. If the SSO is disabled, you will then be able to sign in via email / password submission.

Belong to multiple workspaces

GitGuardian allows you to be member of several workspaces. Thus, your email address can be associated to multiple workspaces.

However, GitGuardian allows you to only create only one workspace yourself. In order to be member of other workspaces, you must receive an invitation. You can be a member of at most 5 workspaces.

If you are member of several workspaces and you want to switch the workspace you are currently viewing, click on the first tab of the sidebar and then select the workspace to switch to.

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