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ggshield auth logout


Remove authentication for a GitGuardian instance.

ggshield auth logout [OPTIONS]

A successful logout results in the deletion of personal access token stored in the configuration. By default, the token will be revoked unless --no-revoke option is specified.

If not specified, ggshield will logout from the default instance. The --all option can be used if you want to logout from all your GitGuardian instances.


  • --instance URL: URL of the instance to logout from.

  • --revoke / --no-revoke: Whether the token should be revoked on logout before being removed from the configuration.

    Default: revoke.

  • --all: Remove authentication for all instances.

This command supports all ggshield global options.


# Remove authentication
$ ggshield auth logout

# Remove the authentication without going through the process of revoking the used personal access token
$ ggshield auth logout --no-revoke

# Remove authentication for a self-hosted GitGuardian instance
$ ggshield auth logout --instance https://dashboard.gitguardian.mycorp.local

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