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Configure your alerts

If a honeytoken is in an Active status, any new event will change the status to Triggered.

Email notifications

Managers will receive an email notification whenever a honeytoken’s status is changed to Triggered.

This notification can be deactivated in Settings > Personal: Notifications > Email preferences.

Custom webhooks

It is possible to configure custom webhooks to receive alerts when honeytokens are triggered or when a new event appears. This allows you to integrate and manage the information directly within your SIEM or other security systems.

You can create dedicated webhooks or use the same ones for secrets detection events and refine the "Event Subscription" scopes as needed.

Custom webhooks for honeytokens

The possible event subscriptions are:

  • Honeytoken > Triggers: get a webhook event whenever the status of a honeytoken gets changed to Triggered.
  • Honeytoken > Events: get a webhook event whenever a new honeytoken event is received.

Payload structure

Payload for new trigger

Honeytoken triggered

"source": "GitGuardian",
"timestamp": "2023-04-20T08:22:19.913732Z",
"action": "honeytoken_triggered",
"message": "This honeytoken has been triggered.",
"target_user": null,
"honeytoken": {
"id": "12d14831-6b2b-4bd6-881b-53c83a09f07b",
"name": "ht27",
"description": "",
"created_at": "2023-04-12T10:21:28.972903Z",
"gitguardian_url": "",
"status": "triggered",
"triggered_at": "2023-04-20T08:22:19.838234Z",
"revoked_at": null,
"open_events_count": 1,
"type": "AWS",
"creator_id": 397542,
"creator_api_token_id": null,
"revoker_id": null,
"revoker_api_token_id": null
Payload for new honeytoken event

New event

"source": "GitGuardian",
"timestamp": "2023-04-07T15:56:42.171075Z",
"action": "new_honeytoken_event",
"message": "A new honeytoken event has been received.",
"target_user": null,
"honeytoken_event": {
"id": "2bdc644e-ce7e-49e8-a3a6-56fca0364a63",
"honeytoken_id": "12d14831-6b2b-4bd6-881b-53c83a09f07b",
"triggered_at": "2023-04-07T15:56:37Z",
"status": "open",
"ip_address": "",
"action": "GetCallerIdentity",
"data": {
"event_id": "98a080cf-a268-4a2e-b013-6259122b8a05",
"user_agent": "python-requests/2.28.2"
"tags": []

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