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Jenkins CI


GitGuardian CI/CD integration with Jenkins CI is performed through our CLI application: ggshield.
ggshield is a wrapper around the GitGuardian API for secrets detection, an API key is required for authentication.


Jenkins CI status

Jenkins CI output


Service accounts are recommended to run this integration.

Please note that service accounts are only available for workspaces under our Business plan, and their administration is restricted to Managers. If your workspace is under the Free plan, you can still use a personal access token to run this integration.

  1. Create a service account from the API section of your GitGuardian workspace (or a personal access token if you are on the Free plan).
  2. Add this API key to the GITGUARDIAN_API_KEY environment variable in your project settings.

Bitbucket pipelines env

  1. In order to add ggshield to your pipelines configure your Jenkinsfile to add a ggshield stage:
pipeline {
agent none
stages {
stage('GitGuardian Scan') {
agent {
docker { image 'gitguardian/ggshield:latest' }
environment {
GITGUARDIAN_API_KEY = credentials('gitguardian-api-key')
steps {
sh 'ggshield secret scan ci'

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