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ggshield hmsl decrypt

Beta program

Please note that Has My Secret Leaked features are currently in beta.


Decrypt query's output and show secrets information.

ggshield hmsl decrypt [OPTIONS] PATH


  • -m, --mapping FILENAME: File containing the hashes and their names.

    Default: mapping.txt.

  • --json: Use JSON output.

This command supports all ggshield global options.


Thanks to the mapping file computed in the first stage, filter and decrypt the result of our API call.

$ ggshield hmsl decrypt results.dump
Found 2 leaked secrets.

> Secret 1
Secret name: "hjshnk5**************************89sjkja"
Secret hash: "e9b39209f72228f30b60c19493a3f756ac97dc02ae7f52db2a3abbe3c3269339"
Distinct locations: 96
First occurrence:
URL: ""

> Secret 2
Secret name: "sup3*************orGG"
Secret hash: "d775db0302080c1b7516109e929dd4b214a0f353ed3b66ff2e56c47d55a102ed"
Distinct locations: 33
First occurrence:
URL: ""

It expects to find a mapping.txt file in the current directory. If you used a prefix, or moved the file, use the -m option to specify the location of the mapping file.