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MemoryStore: Redis on GCP


To deploy the GitGuardian app, a Redis instance is required. This page is dedicated to helping you set up a Redis on GCP using MemoryStore.

Note: The GitGuardian application is bundled with a basic Redis. This Redis can be used for testing but is not meant to be production ready.


GCP handles failover and redirects the traffic by itself. As long as your MemoryStore is set up to be highly available, upgrades and single-node issues will not cause an outage.


From the Google Cloud Console

To create a MemoryStore from the Google Cloud Console, we recommend following the official documentation.

You need to set the following fields:

  • Enable Redis AUTH
  • Enable in-transit encryption
  • Set Redis Tier to Standard

Using Terraform

To create a Redis instance using TF, you need the following resources:

In addition to the fields required by Terraform, we require the following fields to be set:

  • auth_enabled=true: indicates whether OSS Redis AUTH is enabled for the instance. If set to "true" AUTH is enabled on the instance. The default value is "false" meaning AUTH is disabled.
  • auth_string=<SECRET_AUTH_TOKEN>: AUTH String set on the instance. This field will only be populated if auth_enabled is true.
  • tier="STANDARD_HA": the service tier of the instance. Must be one of these values:
  • transit_encryption_mode="SERVER_AUTHENTICATION": the TLS mode of the Redis instance, If not provided, TLS is disabled for the instance.

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