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Applicative metrics


This feature is introduced in v2022.06.0. It is deployed behind a preference, which is disabled by default. The feature is disabled on

Applicative metrics are gathered thanks to Prometheus, a software used for event monitoring and alerting, which permits scraping the data captured in the application.

Enable or disable Application metrics#

Applicative metrics are deactivated by default. Two steps are needed to activate Application Metrics:

  • authorize collection of metrics by the application
  • activate Prometheus export

Authorize metrics collection#

To authorize the metrics collection, you should go to the Preferences section in the Admin Area, check the prometheus_metrics_active feature flag and save settings.

Activate Applicative Metrics

To disable it, you should uncheck this parameter and save settings.

Activate Prometheus export#

Metrics are collected by Prometheus using the Prometheus Operator. This Operator is automatically installed within Embedded Clusters.

For Existing Clusters, you should manually install it (installation documentation).

To create exporter resources and allow automatic discovery, you should go in the admin console and check the Activate Prometheus Exporter checkbox in the Prometheus section of the configuration section.

Activate Applicative Metrics

Then save the configuration, and Deploy the application to apply the new configuration.

To disable it, you should uncheck this parameter, save configuration, and apply it through a new deployment.

How to collect metrics#

For Embedded Clusters#

Prometheus is installed on Embedded clusters and allows full observability of the cluster. For more information, read the Monitoring section on Replicated website.

This kind of installation uses Kube-Prometheus operator. Applicative metrics are directly available through this installation.

For Existing Clusters#

On Existing Clusters, Prometheus must be installed and configured manually. If the Kube-Prometheus Operator is used, all the applicative metrics will be automatically listed thanks to the Discovery service of Kube-Prometheus Operator.

Otherwise, a manual configuration may be needed. Applicative metrics discovery is possible through the app-monitoring headless service. This service exposes an exporter pod serving metrics at http://exporter-xxxxx-xxxxx:9808/metrics

Metrics available#

The Prometheus exporter gives access to the following metrics:

gim_version_infoInfoVersion of the applicationApplication version, TokenScanner version
gim_active_users_totalGaugeAll users in the systemNone
gim_issues_totalGaugeAll incidents in the systemSeverity, Status
gim_occurrences_totalGaugeAll occurrences in the systemHidden, Status
gim_commits_totalGaugeCommits processedAccount, Scan type
gim_public_api_quota_totalGaugeMaximum allowed usage of the Public APIAccount
gim_public_api_usage_totalGaugeCurrent usage of the Public APIAccount
gim_public_api_token_totalGaugeCount of active tokens for the Public APIAccount, Type
gim_postgres_used_disk_bytesGaugeDisk space used by PostgreSQL dataNone
gim_redis_used_memory_bytesGaugeMemory used by Redis dataNone
gim_redis_available_memory_bytesGaugeMemory available for Redis dataNone