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Checking environment health

The Health Check page provides an overview of all your GitGuardian self-hosted instance. On this page, you can have access to the status of the services used by GitGuardian. The page also provides you with information on VCS integration connected to GitGuardian and the Readiness REST endpoint.

GitGuardian Services

This section shows you the status of services used by your GitGuardian instance to function. In case one of those services is somehow unreachable or broken, it will be indicated as such.

Health Check page


The REST endpoint checks the readiness of your GitGuardian instance. The URL of that endpoint is displayed on the Health Check page. The endpoint is protected, you can use it only with an API key (refer to the API authentication documentation)

It is easy to use the endpoint, for instance using curl (XXXX should be replaced with your API key):

curl -H "Authorization: Token XXXX"

Example of the reply:


VCS Connectivity

Health Check page also returns VCS integration status and errors. This section shows the list of VCS connection and their status. If the integration breaks, this page will give information on how to resolve the issue. It also displays a button that allows to manually check again the VCS connection.

Health Check page