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Nylas API Key



  • Documentation:
  • Summary: Nylas is a unified communications platform. It provides APIs for email, calendar, and contacts that are fast, reliable, and easy to use. Nylas API keys allow developers to access these services and integrate them into their applications.
  • IPs allowlist: This feature is not available.
  • Scopes: API keys all have full read and write access to all objects.

Revoke the secret

Go to the API Keys section of your Nylas dashboard, select the desired API Key and click on revoke.

Check for suspicious activity

This feature is not available.

Details for Nylas api key

  • Family: Api

  • Category: Messaging system

  • Company: Nylas

  • High recall: True

  • Validity check available: True

  • On-premise instances exist: False

  • Only valid secrets raise an alert: False

  • Minimum number of matches: 1

  • Occurrences found for one million commits: 0.57

  • Prefixed: True

  • PreValidators:

- type: ContentWhitelistPreValidator
- nyk_v0_


- text: |
apikey: nyk_v0_ABCZhO34zK7J9WkirXT57JHSWHBDpSGqp1moafR8KoE34Igm8fhSXh7IcRBnzpsq

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